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Support your customers in the open! With public forums, you can offer a public space to your users to discuss common issues and get feedback, while still keeping certain categories private (billing, orders, ...). Power users can subscribe to categories and new discussions, and help out other customers.

Stay connected to your customers while you're out. Tender can send all new and updated discussions to your email inbox. Just reply to the email and the message will be tracked through Tender as well. Simple as that!

You hear the same questions a lot. Sometimes a whole lot. We've got Echo Templates to help you repeat yourself without going hoarse (or getting carpal tunnel). Create frequently re-used answers from scratch, or use one of your existing support masterpieces. Echo Templates will save you tons of time while still letting you give each response a personal touch.

Tender can remind you when a discussion hasn't received a reply in a month, a week, a day, or an hour. Close stale discussions and stay on track of todos you promised to someone. Activity Filters are there to save the day.

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