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Tattoo Hero is an Ottawa-based startup building a portal on the web to help connect those looking for tattoos with the artists who can make them.

The startup is taking an age-old dilemma, which is normally handled almost exclusively via word-of-mouth, and putting it online with a marketplace and community that gives tattoo artists everything they need to run their business, including SaaS front and back-end tools.

For users, Tattoo Hero not only offers artist discovery that actually works by pairing people with artists who match their specific tattoo needs, it also offers a community with detailed, thoughtful blog posts on the industry and a way to share their ink with others. Artists get a sort of Behance online portfolio for their work, a new funnel for customer acquisition, and calendaring tools plus other client-facing service offerings via Tattoo Hero hosted storefronts. That means tattoo artists can get set up with an attractive web presence without knowing anything about code or tracking down a developer to do it for them.

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    593A Bank Street

    Ottawa, ON K1S 3T4


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