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February 19, 2014 / Undisclosed Amount and Round
San Francisco, CA
InstantCab is a mobile app that matches customers' transportation needs with a taxi driver or a community driver willing to provide a ride.
Aarjav Trivedi

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Summon (formerly InstantCab) gets you a ride instantly. Currently the service operates in San Francisco. Summon operates with both taxis and vetted drivers.

When you install the Summon app, you enter in credit or debit card information, and all of the fares and tips are paid off of this card. Summon only charges you for a ride after you have been dropped off at your final destination.

The idea for Summon was born while Aarjav waited, with growing desperation, at this bus stop; first for a bus, and soon for a cab. Both were eventually over an hour late. He missed his international flight but found the motivation to start a company!

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    Greg Kidd

    Chief Risk Officer @ Ripple Labs
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