January, 2011
Fashion Shopping iPad app
Rebecca O'Dell
Search, Brand Marketing, Fashion, Shopping, Mobile Commerce, iPad, E-Commerce

Detailed Description


StylSavvy is an iPad app for fashion shopping and wardrobe organization. Women can shop over 100,000 products and nearly 1,500 brands from many leading retailers including Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's and Saks.

StylSavvy uniquely displays products in scrolling rows according to apparel type to allow users to shop the complete look. Quickly discover new ways to combine clothing, shoes and accessories by simply scrolling through hundreds of items in minutes.

The powerful StylSavvy Search refines the product selection to a specific outfit to help the user achieve the look they are after and to find the best style and cut for their bodies.

The Style It feature allows the user to combine clothing, shoes, and accessories to mix, match and visually style the perfect looks. It's like a virtual dressing room where the user can add products from multiple stores and items from their Closet to either create new outfits or complete outfits from pieces they already own.

The Closet is easy to build. Purchased products are automatically added and the user can easily add pictures of their own clothing, shoes or accessories.

These and many other features set StylSavvy apart from the others. It's an entirely new way to shop online.

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