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Series A on February 5, 2014 / Undisclosed Amount
StorPool is software for distributed data storage that makes a shared storage pool from standard drives placed in standard servers.
Cloud Data Services, Storage, Software

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StorPool is software for distributed data storage.

StorPool enables businesses to work with their data reliably and efficiently.

StorPool makes shared storage pool out of standard drives (HDDs/SSDs) placed in standard servers. It is like virtual SAN, aggregating the performance AND capacity of all drives into a single pool of storage distributed between all servers. Think of it as Amazon storage for your own Cloud or in your datacenter.

StorPool is awesome: 1. It scales in capacity and performance with every added drive or server. 2. It works on standard servers alongside applications and virtual machines. 3. It protects you against silent data corruption. 4. It has a zero up-front cost and a pay as you grow pricing model.

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