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STABiLGO is an affordable, motorized camera stabilizer for GoPro. Lightweight, fast and consistently steady for active cinematography.

Created by cinematographers who wanted to make a stabilizer that allows you to film extreme sports as well as get that all-impressive crane shot. At just 1.5lbs, with a GoPro attached, the design minimizes weight making it ideal for active cinematography. A high-speed processor and state of the art gyroscopic sensor work in tandem to keep the camera both perfectly horizontal and vertical. STABiLGO allows for 180º of pitch movement and 270º of roll movement. It frees you to independently capture movement without a crew or cumbersome equipment. Produce more usable, cinematic footage with a handheld device. Put the STABiLGO on a monopod or tripod for an instant auto-leveling, portable crane.

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