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Springleap was founded by CEO Eran Eyal -

Springleap is an embeddable creative crowdsourcing platform and community.

Brands and agencies use Springleap to source a wide diversity of creative solutions for your brand, market them in social media and engage your fans in their sites and pages with their apps and community.

At Springleap, thousands of top creatives are competing to solve brand briefs, whilst engaging their community, and yours, to help popularize your brand & vote to help choose the best solutions.

Springleap has developed Bridge - unique technology that enables brands to run Springleap creative challenges in multiple sites and pages simultaneously with Springleap's community, apps and curation whilst whitelabeling to the brand's their look and feel.

Bridge enables partners to run the challenge simultaneously, increasing the exposure and virality of the campaigns and taking creative to the masses.

The campaigns are built with social tools that easily be customised by the brand. No CSS or development is required. The brand can also run the campaign with rewards for the creatives as well as the fans in return for sharing, engaging & voting.

Recently Springleap moved into multidisciplinary design contest helping Kraft Foods crowdsource their entire range of wrappers for their gum range at Stimerol as well as all the Point of Sale. Consumer testing revealed over 50 high wualtiy designs from Springleap ranking higher than 3 global agencies - solidifying their relationship with a number of Kraft Foods brands such as Cadbury, Cote d' Or and Oreos.

Springleap clients include: Nokia, Apple, Kraft Foods, Pioneer Foods, Unilever, Lexus, FreshlyGround, SABMiller, Adobe Photoshop Magazine, Ogilvy, Saatchi, Volkswagen, Distell, Naspers, Multichoice Africa and many others - many of which are returning.

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  • Headquarters

    66 Albert Rd, 3rd Floor, Block B

    Woodstock Exchange, Woodstock

    Cape Town, 7925


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