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Sunil Paul
San Francisco, CA
venture capital

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Spring Ventures is driven by the conviction that the power of commerce, markets, and entrepreneurship can tackle climate change and environmental degradation if properly channeled. The first cut for investment is whether the effort can make a major impact on climate change and the environment. From that point forward, decisions are strictly driven by business logic.

Since Spring Ventures is not constrained by a single financial strategy, it is just as willing to create and back projects that are along the traditional venture path of financing as it is to back very early stage teams, act as an incubator for new and innovative ideas, be a sponsor for leveraged buyouts, or develop energy projects. What is ultimately important is finding strong teams with the right business theses around solving climate change through the development and implementation of clean technologies. Entrepreneurs that are innovative, passionate, ethical, and honest best reflect the firms values-driven model and are the most likely to be considered for funding.

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    Ritu Raj

    Entrepreneur In Residence
    Jul, 2011 - Jul, 2012

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