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October 1, 2011
Cupertino, CA
Spotivate is an online e-commerce company that helps users discover and book family activities in their locality.
Mobile, Parenting, Travel, Ediscovery, Kids, Curated Web

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Spotivate was created by a former Google Engineer and a former TeleNav Software Engineer/Manager. Our mission is to build happier families.

For parents, Spotivate is a destination that helps them discover the best local family experiences. They can spend minutes with our weekly Top Picks email newsletter or they can engage deeper with our stunning web service by browsing, bookmarking and sharing our ideas and content. The goal is to inspire them to go out and start creating some memories with their families.

Our community is comprised of local experts and other in-the-know parents that help to curate the best of the Bay Area each week. Behind the scenes, Spotivate’s personalization engine is constantly learning and prioritizing activities based on the actions taken by each user.

Spotivate is designed to leverage a variety of data sources to help the user decide if they are interested in an activity without having to leave the Spotivate experience. The user can see relevant reviews, checkins, videos or blog posts all in one place.

The product is build by parents for parents.

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    AngelPad is a San Francisco-based startup accelerator for web and mobile technology companies.

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