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$450 Thousand Seed on 2012
Espirito Santo
Spotbros, an instant messaging application, allows users to chat with friends as well as companies offering services through the platform.
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Spotbros is an Instant Messaging app where users can chat not only with their friends but also with companies offering their services throught the platform.

Within Spotbros users can create messages combining unlimited Text (titles, paragraphs, quotes, links), Images, Audio, Video, Maps…This messages can be shared through different channels within the app or even share it in other Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc…) as they have an URL and can also be accessed from the PC. Messages can be commented, forwarded, liked…

Once the user has created the message he can:

- Share it privately with his contacts in one to one chats, private groups or in the timeline.

- Share it in the Spots: Spots are public geolocalized group chats created by our users and with no limit on members. Users find and join this chat communities with thousands of members and share information about the topics they love with people that are not in their addressbook but with whom they share common interests. There are more than 50,000 spots created about all the topics you can imagine! Gastronomy, football, jobs opportunities, humor…

- Share it through Shout: In Spotbros you can deliver messages to other users around you. A "shout" will be delivered to the first 100 people within 1500m. If you just landed in Madrid and are looking for a nice restaurant, ask the locals, they will know better.

Regarding security and privacy All messages people send using Spotbros are encrypted with AES256bits and deleted after a maximum of 30 days. We delete all the information generated by users from our servers at least every month.

Funding Rounds (1) - $450k


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