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At SpoonRocket, we are looking to shift people toward better eating. We believe that food of the highest and freshest quality should be available and accessible to everyone, all the time. It does not make sense that fast food is the only option available that is both affordable and convenient. We strive to be better. Our goal is to be faster than fast food, and more wholesome than Whole Foods.

The menu changes every day because all of food that we prepare is made from scratch with the freshest ingredients of that day. Because we personally craft each individual dish from start to finish, from raw ingredient to delivery into your hands, we are able to maintain the highest of quality and still deliver on value. Who ever said good food ought to be expensive? We should be able to afford to eat well all day, every day.

Everything we do is done in-house, from software to hand picking fresh produce to delivery logistics, which is why we are able to deliver high quality food with lightning fast delivery times impossible with other food delivery services and still keep costs low for all of our customers.

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    1725 University Ave

    Berkeley, CA 94703


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