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SplitGigs is a social network that helps emerging bands or musicians find gigs to play, through a simple but highly effective idea: the "SplitGig". A SplitGig is an exchange of gigs - i.e. I let your band play at my gig, then you return the favor by letting my band play at your gig. Both bands end up with an extra gig... another opportunity to get their music heard.

SplitGigs affords any band or musician the opportunity to expand the possibilities open to them through a dedicated, intuitive and effective solution that allows them to organise a tour and get to play their music live on stages far from home. Thanks to SplitGigs, all this is within reach.

Everything is underpinned by the concept of sharing.

SplitGigs will help booking agencies, managers and record labels as well, to manage their artists live acts.

SplitGigs is growing in H-Farm. Founded in Italy in 2005, H-Farm is an international platform, a unique organization redefining the role of venture capital and incubator. H-Farm culture is about Humanity. Simplicity. Collaboration. Creativity. Rationality. Passion. Curiosity. Innovation. These words express the mind of H-People. It's not about the identity of a single company but rather a shared culture, a framework to innovative start-ups to grow and flourish. H-Farm developed 3 epicentres - Italy, Seattle, Mumbai - 3 market areas, 3 different cultures that work responding to specific market demands, to enable the business at international level. H-Farm is the next generation incubator.

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    H-FARM Ventures

    H-FARM is a venture company assisting businesses in centralized administration, press office, HR,...

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