Toronto, ON
Spenz is a web and mobile app designed to help 18-30 year old users track where they spend their money.
Justin Hein, Pavel Choulguine
Incentives, Financial Services, Curated Web

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Spenz is a FREE app that helps you easily track your spending while helping you save money on what matters to you.

Here are 7 awesome things about Spenz:

1) Bank Integration: Automatic entry of your debit and credit transactions into Spenz

2) Free: Spenz is free, you gotta love that

3) Personalized Deals: Get deals based on what you buy and where you are

4) Lightning Fast Cash Inputs: Input your cash expenses in seconds

5) Custom Budgets: Categorize your spending the way YOU want to.

6) Social Comparisons: If you spent $84 on coffee last month is that good? Spenz shows you the average spending of both your friends and the population to give you context.

7) Angel & Demon: Are you trying to save money this month or are you ready to spend some cash? Select whether you want the Angel or Demon on your shoulder this month and get points for spending above or below the Spenz population on each purchase. Soon you can use your hard earned points to receive further discounts on Spenz deals.

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  • Spenz HQ

    Ryerson Digital Media Zone

    10 Dundas Street East

    Toronto, ON


  • Spenz Mailing Address

    2002-16 Yonge Street

    Toronto, ON M5E2A1


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