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$1.2 Million in 1 Round from 1 Investor
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$1.2 Million Seed on October 15, 2013
Los Angeles, CA
SourceAudio is a cloud-based platform for music publishers and administrators to manage, search, distribute and monetize their audio assets.
Dan Korobkin, Ryan Cramer, Andrew Harding, Geoff Grotz
SaaS, Music

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SourceAudio is a professional, business to business music licensing & distribution technology provider hosting over 600 music catalogs, 3,400 music labels, and 4 million tracks for license on one cloud-based platform. We enable music publishers, composers, libraries and catalogs of all sizes to host and deliver their music to buyers all over the world using proprietary technology that makes licensing & distributing music easier than ever before.

More video productions, both small and large, are occurring today than ever before and almost every video created needs music to effectively set the tone and tell the story. Our self-serve, network-based approach makes music publishing, search & discovery, and connecting music buyers & sellers incredibly fast and simple.

Alternative technology solutions in this space perpetuate the problems of the past by maintaining fragmented, publisher-specific experiences when buyers are increasingly demanding instant access to a massive catalog of music - provided by as many publishers as they desire - from one single location. SourceAudio elegantly delivers custom, highly-curated, single-portal solutions - including music from all of the best publishers in the world - and is rapidly becoming the new standard for professional music licensing.

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