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Jonathan Burdon
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With SocialCoaster users can easily join or create a "Loop" for any topic, idea, place, or event. Once a loop is created, others around the world may join the Loop and instantly share photos and communicate with others. Photos shared by members are combined, generating a massive photo album that highlights all the unique viewpoints.

In addition, SocialCoaster utilizes location-based information received from photos shared on Loops. We are able to use this information to visually give users an instant snapshot of life happening nearby, no matter where they are!

Discover More:

• Instantly view photos taken by others nearby. • Enjoy connecting with friends & family! • Find which Loops are trending nearby & nationally! • Monitor feeds to watch activity unfold right before your eyes!

Share More:

• Create Loops and instantly add them to our database. • Join any Loop and begin sharing! • Take & upload photos to any Loop! • Communicate effectively with others active in the same Loop.

Get Creative:

• Use SocialCoaster to combine photos anywhere! • Use for Weddings, Business, Clubs, Hobbies, Etc. • Gain social exposure to your brand or cause!


"A new mobile app has recently been released that will yet again change the way that we network." - JumpByLeap.com

"SocialCoaster is an easy way to see what is happening around you. The app, centered completely around user collaboration, provides a real-time way to view and share experiences with the world." - SouthernAlpha.com

"Forget the Hashtag." - TheTennessean.com


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