January 10, 2008
Snapkeys develops disruptive technology for the mobile market place

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Snapkeys Products:

1) The SnapKeys Zones tm) Keyboard divides the standard keyboard into a few zones (groups of letters) in a unique way. Just tap on the zones that have your letters and get your words. It’s that simple.

2) Hoppa! is an instant messaging application that simultaneously gives you access to the content on your screen while also giving you the freedom to instantly chat with all your friends. Hoppa! stays with you wherever you are on your mobile screen: Games, Social network etc.

3) With Letsnap™ your pictures are really talking! Simply slide your finger on a picture and type to express yourself: put your own feelings into a photo to chat, and insert smileys, change the font, the text direction, the text color, add filters, draw in your photo... Colorfully and instantly express your thoughts and emotions in snapshots and share them with friends via LetSnap, Facebook, Twitter, email...

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