September 1, 2009
SmartCRM provides web-based on-demand customer relationship management solutions for marketing departments to drive sales.
Ahmed Saad

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SmartCRM is an on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution vendor. SmartCRM is founded by group of youth with new vision to the web application with more simplify

SmartCRM is web-Based CRM application Our CRM product with advantage of desktop interface that makes the customer feels the application not complicated, he feels as he is in Windows desktop and don't have to learn how to navigate through the application. Another advantage that our product is multi task with flexible operations.

We mixed the advantages of web application and desktop application to make it very powerful and easy to use in the same time there is no more web pages or tabs , thats all in one screen.

SmartCRM support Sales and Marketing departments to manage easily your accounts, contacts ,lead and opportunities and that help companies to make the higher sales productivity ,exceed the target ,increase market share ,reduce expenses and higher overall profitability.

With SmartCRM you can also follow up your customers deals history and mange your products price books.

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