Skylight is a complete, cost-effective and user-friendly productivity tool to help make business life simple.
Jamie Mill, Taimur Khan
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January, 2009
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Skylight is the missing app for business. It’s an all-in-one web application that lets you organise your business data. It includes project, sales and document management, resource scheduling, CRM and accounting tools in a common powerful interface.

Although there are various applications around that fulfil some of the areas mentioned here, the financial, managerial, and educational overhead of spreading your data across multiple services is high. Skylight brings it all together in one common interface.

Skylight provides a home for common business data that would otherwise often be put into excel sheets and forgotten about. This includes contacts, project data, invoices/quotes/POs, resource schedules, tasks and project documentation (via google docs). Objects can be related to each other in a variety of ways - e.g. tasks can relate to resources, projects or stages, and documents can be related to multiple objects via "attachments". It's easy to see a full history of projects and tasks for any given contact, for example. Through a highly flexible tagging system, businesses can devise their own strategy for categorising content, in a way specific to their industry.

Skylight lives entirely in the cloud, so data is accessible securely from anywhere in the world at any time.

Skylight is currently in public beta with 2500 registered businesses. They are close to launching the app officially in the next few months.

Why Skylight?

They have run various successful businesses in the media sector and struggled to find a single product that fulfilled their growing data-management requirements, and had to rely on various tools for different sections of their workflows. This was financially expensive and had a huge overhead for every new team member to learn all the systems/applications involved to manage the business. There was a continual difficulty in synchronising these disparate services too.

Skylight solved this by providing a common powerful interface for critical business data, it's flexible enough to be used for any business sector and powerful enough to fulfil the requirements of any growing business.

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