Funding Received
$1.6 Million in 3 Rounds from 2 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$1 Million Seed on April 29, 2014
San Francisco, CA
Skulpt offers a hand-held fitness and muscle quality analyzer to measure fat percentage and muscle quality on individual body areas.
Jose Bohorquez, Seward Rutkove
Fitness, Technology, Health and Wellness

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Skulpt developed the first handheld consumer device used to measure fat percentage and muscle quality (MQ) on individual body areas.

Skulpt was founded in 2009 by CEO, Dr. Jose Bohorquez, Electrical Engineering graduate from MIT, and co-founder, Dr. Seward Rutkove, Neurology Professor of Harvard Medical School. The company develops hardware and software used to track fitness based on a technique called Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM). Initially a medical company, Skulpt has been awarded numerous grants from the National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health to develop EIM and validate it through various clinical research trials.

EIM technique was adopted by dozens of US hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to track the progression of patients with neuromuscular disorders. In 2013, Skulpt began to develop consumer products based on EIM technology. Skulpt’s first consumer product, Aim, is the first-ever electronic to measure muscle quality and the fat content of individual body areas.

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Funding Rounds (3) - $1.6M


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    Skulpt Aim™

    Skulpt Aim is the world’s first consumer device to measure fat percentage and muscle quality (MQ)...

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