Acquired by Salesforce on June 4, 2010
Coral Gables, FL
Sitemasher develops SaaS-based tools for creating and maintaining websites.
SaaS, Enterprise Software

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Sitemasher moves the website lifecycle to the cloud and provides a complete platform for website builders to do more with less.

Sitemasher has developed a Saas based tool for Building, Managing and Optimizing sophisticated websites without the need for programming.

The Sitemasher technology provides huge value to both Website Builders and Website Integrators:

For Website Builders(aka Front End Programmers): The Sitemasher Website building environment gives the website builder the ability to import his CSS/HTML or Java or build pixel perfect custom designs from a blank canvas. This is followed by the ability of Sitemasher to provide functionality to the website without backend programming for features like Blogs, Member Areas, Events, Actions, Ecommerce, Content Management, etc. In addition now the CSS expert can build websites and link them to data/web services, all without programming or IT support. Sitemasher allows them to do more with less whereby increasing their productivity and profit per project.

For Website Developers(aka Back End Programmers): Sitemasher is a platform that allows website developers to drastically reduce the deployment speed of fully dynamic, data driven websites. Whether you're making a Hotel Booking system, a Car Rental Site, or something as simple as a dynamic Calender, Stiemasher provides the visual layer to set this up simply. Say good bye to monolithic websites, now you can focus on each area separetly.

Sitemasher recently won Microsofts Blue Sky award in 2008 as most promising new ISV based on the Microsoft platform and is scheduled to be Version one complete by September 2009.

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    Arash Shiva

    Sr. Product Designer
    Feb 1, 2008 - Feb 15, 2009

Funding Rounds (2) - $4.6M


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    326 West 5th Avenue

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    Coral Gables, FL


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