Funding Received
$23.6 Million in 3 Rounds from 16 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$18 Million Series B on May 14, 2014
San Francisco, CA
Sift Science offers large-scale machine-learning technology services that help e-commerce businesses detect and fight fraud.
Big Data, Fraud Detection, Machine Learning, E-Commerce, Security

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Sift Science fights fraud with machine learning.

Machine learning teaches a computer to mine data for statistical patterns, and continuously learn and adapt as new data streams in.

With simple APIs that take minutes to integrate, an online business can leverage the latest in large-scale machine learning to protect themselves from fraud. Chargebacks, spammers, account takeovers, etc. Online businesses send Sift Science user events, which are mined for identity, behavioral, and network patterns that correspond to past fraud.

Sift Science also pools fraud patterns across its network of customers. The network strengthens as more data streams in.

Customers can also "train their own model" and tailor their results via a simple interface.

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