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Shout (www.everybodyshout.com) is a radical new way for women in advertising to work. And for companies to harness the collective wisdom of women to improve their business.

Shout's community boasts 3,000 women in advertising and creative industries collaborating with each other to solve a brand's marketing challenge. They get to know each other, virtually and in the real world. Shout has a clever algorithm that puts women together based on their skills and expertise, like matchmaking for professionals.

Each member gets compensated for what they do. Even if the client doesn't pick their work, it's in shout's model to take a cut of the revenue and share it with the most active members on the platform. This means that members gets credits that can be converted into cash when they comment positively on someone else's idea, invite friends to shout, completes a profile, and more.

Shout is the only company within their industry that educates their colleagues as part of their business model. Through their mother brand, SheSays (www.weareshesays.com), they run events, courses, career management, and a mentorship scheme that brings their members to a whole new level of smart. Why do they do this? Because if they educate the collective via SheSays, they will do better work on shout, and the whole thing just keeps getting better.

Shout is the brainchild of digital pioneers, Ale Lariu (alelariuplus.tumblr.com, www.linkedin.com/in/alelariu) and Amanda Jaskiewicz (www.linkedin.com/in/amandajaskiewicz).¨

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