Reno, NV
ShortStack provides tools that enable users to create custom Facebook apps and promotions.
Infrastructure Builders, Facebook Applications, Social Network Media, Curated Web

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ShortStack makes it ridiculously easy to build custom tabs for your clients’ fan pages.

ShortStack began as an idea to eliminate the tedious coding that it took to create a great looking tab for Facebook Pages. Instead of keeping ShortStack hidden from the public, the company decided to turn it into a tab builder that anyone could use.

With ShortStack it is easier and faster to create tabs that are visually appealing but on a budget that won't hurt anyone's wallet. It is also possible to further customize pages because ShortStack encourages users to employ their knowledge of CSS, HTML and IFrames to make pages even more unique.

ShortStack allows users to easily one-time publish their feeds (blog, Twitter, YouTube, etc) so that they won't have to continually update their Facebook fan page every time they post something new on their blog or in Twitter. ShortStack also offers a number of features that can drive increases in users becoming fans of pages and users visiting pages more often – features like: polls, gifts, scheduling and visibility.

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    ShortStack was added to CrunchBase in 2011

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