Funding Received
$10 Million in 2 Rounds from 3 Investors
Most Recent Funding
$4 Million Debt Financing on December, 2012
San Luis Obispo, CA
Shopatron is an e-commerce technology company that provides e-commerce solutions to manufacturers and retailers of consumer goods products.
Ed Stevens
Mobile Commerce, SaaS, E-Commerce, Enterprise Software

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A trailblazer in the world of eCommerce, Shopatron was founded in September 2000 and launched in August 2001 by Ed Stevens and Sean Collier. Shopatron’s North American headquarters is located in San Luis Obispo, California, midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The company also maintains a European headquarters in Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom.

Shopatron is the world’s leading provider of cloud-based, eCommerce order management solutions for branded manufacturers and multi-channel retailers. Working with over 1,000 brands and 20,000 retail partners across more than 40 industries, Shopatron makes it easy and affordable to deploy advanced capabilities like in-store pickup, ship-from-store, inventory lookup, and vendor drop-ship.

Shopatron’s retail-friendly solution for branded manufacturers, Shopatron Manufacturer, is the industry standard for manufacturers seeking to expand their online sales. Shopatron is the only solution that allows manufacturers to expand online sales while building tighter relationships with their retailers. The Shopatron Order Exchange allows manufacturers to pass online orders to their retail channel for local in-store pickup and ship-from store fulfillment, giving partners a share of their eCommerce sales. Retailers increase their spend with brands who embrace Shopatron’s eCommerce model, because fulfilling online orders expands their sales and drives qualified traffic into their stores.

Shopatron’s solution for multi-channel retailers, Shopatron Retailer, enables retailers to effectively manage fulfillment inventory across online and offline channels, provide online shoppers with broader delivery options, and drive traffic into local stores. Shopatron’s distributed order management model allows multi-channel retailers to fulfill online orders from any store, distribution center, or vendor location, dramatically improving inventory efficiency and making it easy to deploy advanced fulfillment models like in-store pickup and ship-from-store. By delivering online orders through in-store pickup, multi-channel retailers that use Shopatron drive motivated shoppers into local retail stores, where they make additional purchases.

With Shopatron, retail channels join forces to increase sales, turn inventory, and deliver a superior purchase experience to online shoppers.

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    Shopatron Manufacturer

    Shopatron Manufacturer is the industry standard for branded manufacturers seeking to expand both...
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    Shopatron Retailer

    Shopatron Retailer is changing the way multi-channel retailers put orders in the hands of online...

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    Multiplier Capital

    Multiplier Capital is an independent growth debt fund actively seeking opportunities to make term...
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    Rivenrock Capital

    Rivenrock Capital provides management support and capital to family-owned businesses that need...
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    Kern Whelan Capital

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  • San Luis Obispo

    825 Buckley Road, Suite 200

    San Luis Obispo, CA 93403


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