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$500 Thousand Angel on February, 2009
June, 2006
San Francisco, CA
Shattered Reality Interactive is a company developing theme-based multiplayer online games.
Damon Grow
Internet, Social Media, MMO Games, Games

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Shattered Reality was founded in 2006 with the mission of creating online social immersive worlds, that are engaging, epic, and easy to understand whether the game is serious or casual. The big original vision was to create a theme based Massive Multiplayer Online Game that could be played in 5-10 minute time increments anytime, from anywhere.

Today popular online games, like World of Warcraft and Everquest, allow players to explore large and vast fantasy worlds, however they require huge time commitments and are considered "isolated" in their walled gardens. The games created by Shattered Reality provide "theme-based" and "hit-based" accomplishment for both the hardcore and casual gamers. What's great about us is that we leverage the hardcore gaming production values and bridge the gap for online social games.

The first title to be released is, Legends of Kaos (LoK), a free 2 play multiplayer ancient sci-fi fantasy that combines the head-to-head play, collectability and trading associated with virtual powers and collectible action items. We also leverage level advancement and character development of massively multi-player games (MMORPGs) with the ease of access and community aspects of Web "two-point-oh" applications. LoK will also be available on Facebook and Myspace. LoK and other games developed by Shattered Reality are free 2 play. Players have the option to trade or sell items to other players and they can even sign up for VIP memberships for a small subscription fee.

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