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ShareBuds MX — World's first friendship headphones let you listen to your favorite music together with a friend without a splitter. Anywhere. Anytime. ShareBuds works with iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Mp3/DVD players, Kindle Fire, Notebooks and other portable devices.

ShareBuds MX headphones, feature two sets of earphones and one jack, let you listen to your iTunes library, playlists, Spotify, Pandora and other music services together with a friend.

With ShareBuds, you can now watch movies on your iPad or listen to audio books on your Kindle with the people in your life on the plane, on the beach, anytime and anywhere. ShareBuds headphones are perfect for your next trip or vacation, honeymoons, weekend getaways, and family vacations. You will never need to carry a headphones splitter with you ever again.

ShareBuds MX — Share the Music You Like with the One You Love.

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