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SGB Media Group is a social media marketing firm specializing in social media marketing campaigns, eCommerce solutions, brand development initiatives, public relations and digital content production and publication.


* Social Network Profiles & Fan Pages * Blogs * Niche Social Networks * Static Websites * Portal Sites * eCommerce solutions * eMail/Newsletter Campaigns * Event Planning & Production * Website Analytics & SEO * Affiliate Marketing * Strategic Alliance Management * Business Development

Specialized Experience:

* Networking - Power Networker represented on over 200 Social Networks, Bookmarking and Syndicated Blogs.

* eCommerce - Ten years internet sales experience, eBay Powerseller, Amazon, CafePress, MSN. CC Bill & PayPal business partner, affiliate marketing and proprietary shopping cart administration.

* Social Network Development - Early developer of social networks, discussion forums, Usenet groups and BBS chat rooms.

* Blogging - 10+ Years experienced blogger with over 20 blogs on mixed major platforms in syndication.

* Packet Aggregation - Early adopter of this journalistic style which is the process of joining multiple packets together into a single transmission unit, in order to reduce the overhead associated with each transmission.

* Strategic Alliance Building - Experienced in propagating formal relationships between two or more parties to pursue a set of agreed upon goals or to meet a critical business need.

* Event Planning & Production - Experienced event planner and producer of specialty events such as trade shows, seminars, concerts, educational events, awards shows, and political fund raisers.

* Media Relations - Experienced media relations work with broadcast, print and digital media broadcasters and publishers. Press release writing, editing and distribution along multiple channels.

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