Connecting Restaurants & Staff
Nithish Manoharan, Justin Mitchel
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ServiceHands is a compatibility matching site that connects staff and restaurants to fill vacant positions.

For anyone who has looked for a job, the process is pretty simple. Go to a job board, find a listing, and apply. This method has worked for decades and has had little process improvement. Technology has enhanced the experience but the process itself has remain largely unchanged. has rethought the process from the ground up, specializing in the restaurant industry. Learning from the best relationship-building websites that match people based on unique characteristics, ServiceHands has shifted the hiring process from position-centric to a person-centric model. This is accomplished through leveraging modern social media technologies and a proprietary compatibility matching system. is just the beginning of people-centric hiring systems. The future of employment will be a highly automated, highly referral-based, system where individuals will be able to essentially plug in and find organizations with cultures that fit everything from their interests to their skills and experience. Our focus is on building better “1 to many” interactions with the effectiveness of “1 to 1”.

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