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August 1, 2012
Copenhagen NV
Collaboration, Software, New Product Development

Collaborative Decision Making



Sensor Six is a tool for product managers, CTOs and others who are responsible for developing, managing and designing products.

Create a repository for all input to your product decisions be it feature requests from your customers, innovative and revolutionary ideas or just bugs that need to be fixed.

Engage your key stakeholders in estimating cost, rating suggested features and prioritising what is most important through a survey you send them in a link. you can even let them give you feedback on your product plans

Aggregate the information from respondents to gain visibility on the key trade offs like cost, benefit or feasibility of the suggested features. Make different scenarios to experiment with different market conditions.

Allocate a budget to find out exactly what you should be building to get them most bang for the buck. Then create a roadmap that can guide your developers in what to do when.

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  • Copenhagen

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