Acquired by Lithium Technologies on May, 2010
Funding Received
$4 Million in 3 Rounds from 3 Investors
San Francisco, CA
Scout Labs provides cutting-edge technology and a collaborative platform for companies to engage with customers on the internet.
Jennifer Zeszut
Tracking, Search, Brand Marketing, Social Media, Enterprise Software

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Scout Labs is a powerful, web-based application that finds signals in the noise to help your team build better products and stronger customer relationships.

Scout Labs is a product company, not an agency. They provide cutting-edge technology and a collaborative platform for companies and their agents to listen to customers and engage with them out across the Internet. With Scout Labs, users can:

- Know when to tune in and what’s most important to pay attention to - Hear what customers love and hate about brands - Reach out to influential customers to build relationships - Engage in proactive customer service - Let the voice of the customer inspire new product and marketing ideas

Scout Labs has grown significantly since it was founded in 2006. With offices in San Francisco and users all over the world, the company currently employs over 20 professionals. Their CEO and product team guide the application with insight from the world of marketing, brand management and product management, but the majority of Scout Labs employees are senior engineers with expertise in search technology, high-performance systems, natural language processing, machine learning, web crawling and data visualization.

The process is quite simple, and the user interface is streamlined. Brand managers start by creating concurrent searches for each brand they want to track. They can track just about anything people discuss: things, people, slogans, logos, etc. Subsequently, any mention of the brand is cataloged. Users can then see each blog post, video or image that has to do with the brand, and the interface shows how mentions increase and decrease over time. What sets Scout Labs apart is their ability to analyze each blog post. Their software decides if it is negative, positive or neutral towards the brand. They are also able to rank the source of the content to highlight more influential sources.

They talk about Scout Labs: TechCrunch
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    Scout Labs

    Scout Labs is a powerful, web-based application that finds signals in the noise to help your team...

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