Sclipo - Online Campus Platform is a learning management system that collaborates and administers students and teachers.
Gregor Gimmy
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What is Sclipo? Sclipo is a platform of Online Campuses. A Sclipo Online Campus provides e-Learning, social network and promotional applications to help learn, teach and collaborate as well as to promote educational services and to attract new students.


What is a Sclipo Online Campus? The Online Campus is a Learning Management System (LMS), also known as a Virtual Campus or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or Course Management System (CMS), providing web applications to teach, collaborate and administer activities, students and teachers, as well as to promote educational services. The Sclipo Online Campus is fully hosted, and requires no hosting, programming or IT knowledge.


Who uses a Sclipo Online Campus? A Sclipo Online Campus is especially well suited for freelance teachers and continuing education organizations. Over nine thousand teachers and organizations from over 200 countries have already a Sclipo Online Campus.


Why use a Sclipo Online Campus? A Sclipo Online Campus helps to teach better, collaborate more and to attract new students. It is very affordable and requires no hosting or programming. The Sclipo Online Campus is also very easy to use for both teachers and students.


What is the difference between a Sclipo Online Campus and a traditional Learning Management System (LMS)? The Sclipo Online Campus is built for teachers and organizations in continuing education. A traditional LMS is built for Universities and other large institutions. The difference between Sclipo and a traditional LMS comes from addressing the different needs of educators and learners in these two education segments.


What e-Learning applications does a Sclipo Online Campus provide? Online Campuses provide a Course Manager, a Live Teaching web conferencing system and Library to store and share documents, videos and other content.


What apps does a Sclipo Online Campus provide to collaborate, connect and share? Each Sclipo Online Campus has its social network with apps enabling students and teachers to collaborate, connect and share on Campuses, as well as with people on other social networks.


How does a Sclipo Online Campus help attract more students and make money? Sclipo helps to attract students and to generate revenues by making the Campuses SEO friendly, and by providing invitation, promotion and payment tools.


Sclipo comes in four languages: English, Spanish, German and Russian.

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    Online Campus

    Sclipo is a social learning network. People use Sclipo to teach, learn and to connect with people...
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    Sclipo Live

    Live Web Classes: Allows to teach up to 100 students or more live through webcam, whiteboard,...

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