September, 2008
Streaming Knowledge, Advancing Careers
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Update - Streaming Knowledge, Advancing Careers is the all-in-one video portal and social-networking platform for researchers and academics. It offers creative methods of scientific presentation, scientific discourse, and knowledge transfer by intelligently linking video streams, audio streams, texts, users, and groups.

The internet will undoubtedly be the primary medium for transferring scientific knowledge in the future. Up until now there have been substantial shortcomings in the creation and transfer of knowledge. These result from a significant fragmentation of the different fields of science - a divide between science and practice as well as substantial differences between countries in terms of their attitude toward science and science education.

ScienceStage confronts and removes these national, international, and interdisciplinary barriers. will enable professionals, scientists, academics, and students from all fields to present and share their ideas and findings using multimedia content on a universally searchable common platform.

Users can also make use of classical community functions such as chat, messaging, and blogs; and they can set up virtual meeting rooms, review contributions, make interesting contacts, and much more. offers the following primary features: - Publish and manage video and audio clips (e.g., lectures, documentaries, tutorials, webinars, conferences) - Publish and manage text documents (e.g., research papers, original scholarship, lecture notes, study materials) - Content commentary, assessment of contributions, and embedding of all media - Create playlists and lists of favorites - Community and networking functions: creation of personal or institutional profiles (e.g., for individuals, universities, research institutes, businesses, labs), messaging, contacting, commenting - Create groups (e.g., for discussing specific topics or collaborating on research)

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