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We help corporate recruiters build a pipeline of the best passive talent.

Scavado is a simple, powerful web-based sourcing tool for corporate recruiters to easily search the web for passive candidates, compile their contact information, and build a comprehensive pipeline to recruit. Scavado automates the time-consuming process of Internet sourcing to scour the web, including business and social networks, for the best prospective candidates.

Formerly called AutoSearch, Scavado was founded by Lori Fenstermaker after she was asked to recruit a Mandarin-speaking cosmetics formulator for one of her clients.

Fenstermaker writes on the Scavado website (www.scavado.com), "I'm a self-described 'old school' recruiter who wasn't interested in becoming an Internet search guru. But I did realize the tremendous opportunities the Internet offered my recruiting practice, so I decided to have a software company build an online sourcing and recruiting tool to make Internet research easy enough for me (anyone) to do, but powerful enough to make even the best Boolean search experts more efficient."

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