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Vestopia is an online platform that enables users to monitor the trading and investing activities of money managers in real time.
Guy Hirsch
Investment Management, Finance

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January 1, 2007
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SayHired, Inc. (formerly Vestopia) strives to help close the information gap between seasoned Wall Street and professional investors and individual investors by offering a service making investing easier and potentially more financially rewarding for individuals.

The company provides a state-of-the-art platform allowing individuals the opportunity to look over the shoulders of proven investors (Investment Directors), watching what they're doing in real-time. Vestopia stresses that users don't need to be wealthy or market savvy to benefit from services. They simply choose which Investment Director to follow, based on their own objectives and investment style, whether fundamental, technical, or a blend. Then, after seeing what actions their directors are taking with their portfolios, users have the option of this information to serve their own portfolio.

The site has a strong community feel, as users benefit not only from the instantaneous access to their portfolio activities, but also from the interaction with both the Investment Directors, and their cohorts.

Investment Directors have their own money at stake, so users will be the recipient of their complete dedication, and wealth of experience.

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    Investment Directors

    See how successful investors manage their own portfolios, in real time, and learn about their...

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