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Ruckus Wireless pioneers in developing enterprise Wi-Fi local area networks and building the next generation of smart wireless LAN systems.
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Formed in June 2004, Ruckus Wireless is Wi-Fi technology pioneer focused on building the next generation of Smart Wireless LAN systems. Named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, Ruckus Wireless is credited with developing the first Smart Wi-Fi products and technology that extend the range of Wi-Fi signals and automatically adapt to environmental changes. Venture-backed, Ruckus Wireless has raised $42 million in capital from some of the world’s leading investors including Sequoia Capital, Sutter Hill, T-Ventures, WK Technology Fund and Motorola Ventures. The Company manufactures and markets Smart Wi-Fi products directly to broadband services providers and Smart WLAN systems indirectly to enterprise customers. To date, Ruckus has shipped more than 500,000 Smart Wi-Fi systems worldwide.

Ruckus Wireless competes in the multi-billion dollar market for enterprise Wi-Fi local area networks. The Dell’Oro Group forecasts the worldwide WLAN market to reach $9 billion by 2011, with the enterprise segment representing over 32 percent of the total market. The WLAN market is being driven by the strong trend toward the use of Wi-Fi as a ubiquitous utility to support more mature applications such as voice, video, digital signage and other sophisticated uses. Today the WLAN market is largely split between high end WLAN switch suppliers and low end consumer Wi-Fi companies. Ruckus Wireless is positioned to provide all the value, features and functionality of high end systems but within an easy-to-use and affordable system.

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