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$25 Thousand in 1 Round from 1 Investor
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$25 Thousand Seed on October 10, 2012
Ciudad De México
Condom subscription/donation platform
Education, Humanitarian, Sex, Health and Wellness, E-Commerce

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October 10, 2012
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Rubberit is a condom subscription service that matches every purchase with donations to disadvantaged sectors.

Unplanned pregnancies and the spread of STIs are at an all-time high and continue increasing worldwide. 45% of all pregnancies are unplanned, and nearly 500 million new cases of STIs are registered every year. Millions more go unreported.

The main reason behind this is a lack of access to condoms.

Systemic impediments, such as struggling education channels or rooted taboos obscure discussion when it comes to sexuality; for a staggering number of people, obtaining condoms can be a daunting task. This paradigm is not exclusive to developing countries.

Rubberit is attacking this situation head on. Their members receive a monthly delivery of condoms, with as much discretion as their privacy-needs elicit. Simultaneously, the same amount of condoms purchased through this platform is taken by rubberit to communities under precarious economic conditions in their pilot country, Mexico.

Those donations are accompanied with a campaign of sexual health and education that leaves a long-lasting, tangible benefit to these remote localities.

Their expanding client-base consists of incensed young men and women who want to take control of their sexual and reproductive rights. By becoming members of rubberit, they become agents of change, providing much-needed protection to complete strangers who oftentimes can't afford it.

To date, together, rubberit and their members, through their "Buy One, Give One" model have positively impacted the lives of thousands.

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