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RPost is the developer of Registered Email, a technology that proves the legal delivery, content, and time of email correspondences.

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RPost, which stands for Registered Post, established the Registered Email system in 2000. The company's founders recognized that while paper-based communication offered proof and protection for senders through mechanisms such as fax logs, mail receipts and courier tracking services, there was no comparable product for electronic correspondence that was effective or flexible enough to use with any email address. RPost has filled this gap through its ability to legally verify precisely what email content and attachments were sent and received, by whom and when, in a simple and elegant service offering.

RPost services based upon the Registered Email technology prove legal delivery, content and time for email. For around the price of a postage stamp, Registered Email services protect the sender of email in case of a subsequent dispute about what they sent, whether it was received, or when. Specifically, Registered Email services provide the sender with legal and verifiable evidence of the content and time any email has been sent and received by anyone, anywhere in the world. Recipients of Registered Email messages do not need any special software, and are not required to take any compliant action to open their email.

The Registered Email technology dates back to early patent filings in 1995. Efforts to begin commercialization of the technology described in these patents began in 2000. Services based on this technology have been used by the United States Government Accounting Office continuously since 2003 and international law firms including Greenberg Traurig LLP, since 2004. Today, world-class companies in a variety of industries use Registered Email technology to cut cost, save time, and reduce risk for communications between parties in nearly every country of the world.

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