Automatic Travel Advice From Friends
Toby Rahilly, Cheehan Tee
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Roam7 lets you easily plan trips with the help of your friends by automatically generating travel advice from their vacation photo albums on Facebook.

When you plan a trip, it tells you which of your friends have been there, where they stayed, what restaurants they ate at, what they did and so on. Planning a trip on Roam7 is like having a travel guide written by your friends, except they didn’t have to lift a finger, not even to submit a travel review. 

Roam7 also turns your friends’ travel photo albums on Facebook into beautiful travel stories so it’s a great place to keep track of your own and your friends’ travels. See where your friends have been, browse their travel stories, and get ideas for your next trip. You can even tell your stories together with your trip buddies.

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