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Nearly all business interactions today are enabled by web or mobile technology. The use of this technology has the promise of generating revenue, improving customer satisfaction, streamlining operations and saving time.

However, the complex nature of software often leads to wasted man-hours and counterproductive results. In order to realize the benefits, your applications must be easy to use, and they must work all the time.

Rigor was founded in 2010 by a veteran technology entrepreneur and an enterprise performance engineer with the help of a rockstar developer. Its sole mission is to provide easy-to-use tools and best practices that take the complexity out of managing web and mobile applications. Rigor's clients use the service to keep their systems online and functioning properly so that they can deliver on their promise of value.

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  • Atlanta Tech Village

    3423 Piedmont Rd NE

    Suite 520

    Atlanta, GA 30326


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