Acquired by NCR on November 29, 2012
Retalix is a software firm that develops, licenses, implements and supports software apps for retailers, wholesalers and distributors.

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Retalix Ltd. provides integrated software solutions to food and fuel retailers and to grocery, convenience store, and foodservice distributors. The company designs, develops, and delivers mission critical software and services solutions to its customers. The company's suite of software solutions integrates the information flow across a retailer's or distributor's operations, encompassing stores, headquarters, and distribution centers. The company's solution suite enables retailers and distributors to understand their customers, anticipate demand, elevate customer experience, and differentiate their offerings. Its software solutions also enable retailers to capture and analyze consumer behavior data that can be used to devise and implement targeted promotions and loyalty programs to stimulate demand and increase sales. The company also provides development services to customize its applications to meet specific requirements of its customers and ongoing support and product maintenance services. Products The company has a portfolio of software solutions that are designed to meet the retail operations, customer management needs and certain supply chain management and execution needs of the entire range of food and fuel retailers and distributors, from multi-national supermarket and major convenience store chains and major fuel retailers to local independent grocers. It offers its customers a suite of software products to address the principal elements of their retail operations: In-Store Solutions: These are suite of software solutions that provides supermarkets, convenience stores, fuel retailers, and quick service restaurants (QSRs) with applications supporting multiple types of customer service points, such as regular checkout, self-service kiosk, self-scanning and self-checkout, providing in-store operational and management tools for point-of-sale (POS), front-office and back-office operations and allowing mobile applications that enable in-store personnel to carry out back-office tasks using mobile computing devices. The company's in-store solutions consist of its POS systems – StoreLine, StoreNet for the grocery and health and beauty market and StorePoint for the convenience store, fuel retail and QSR market, as well as additional back-office modules, Retalix Pocket Office and Retalix Store, and Retalix DemandAnalytX (DAX) for demand forecasting and order optimization. Enterprise Headquarters Solutions: These are suite of software tools that provides retailers and distributors with a solution which centralizes operation and management of their enterprise-wide and back-office activities, such as product and price planning and management, promotions, merchandising, inventory management, direct store delivery management, receiving and ordering, and reporting and analysis. The company's enterprise solutions also provide customer relationship management tools, enabling various personalized and targeted promotions and loyalty card-based marketing techniques. For the grocery retail market its main offerings are the integrated in-store and headquarters software, marketed as Retalix Store and Retalix HQ. For the fuel and convenience store markets its main product is its Microsoft .Net-based headquarters solution for convenience store, Retalix HQ-Convenience (HQC). For the food and convenience distributors, its main offering is Retalix Power Enterprise. Supply Chain Management Solutions: These are suite of supply chain management and warehouse management software solutions that provides retailers and distributors with a range of applications designed to help them optimize and manage the flow of goods through a supply chain network, which includes the suppliers, multi-facility warehouses and distribution centers and down to the stores. These applications include warehouse management, automated procurement for the stores and warehouses, merchandising, order management, order-optimization, invoice reconciliation, transportation management, yard management, and dock scheduling. The company's supply chain execution and warehouse management systems consist of TRICEPS Warehouse Management (WMS), BICEPS Purchasing Manag

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