Funding Received
$2.6 Million in 2 Rounds from 3 Investors
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$2.6 Million Series A on December 4, 2012
Memphis, TN
Restore Medical Solutions manufactures a sterilization tray system that reduces the risk of infection from contaminated medical instruments.
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Restore Medical Solutions, Inc. is a Corporation that caters to the healthcare industry, as it pertains to surgery, with particular emphasis on increasing efficiency and productivity. Our target clients are hospitals, surgery centers, sterile processing facilities and medical device manufacturers within the United States, South America, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia, that utilize and reprocess reusable surgical instrumentation. Depending on the facility, our patent pending products and method has shown up to a 60% improvement in efficiency on surgical tray assembly times. Additional benefits include reduced potential for surgical site infections, increased instrument/asset accountability, decreased breakage due to poor care and handling, elimination of disposable wraps and accessories, and standardization of terminal sterilization packaging which will reduce poor outcomes associated with processing variability.

There are approximately 6000 hospitals and 5000 surgery centers in the U.S. With the passing of the Affordable Care act in 2010, these health systems are increasingly focused on cost cutting initiatives. Reducing the inefficiency and waste which has been exponentially stressing our health care system enables hospitals to administer more affective care to more people. It is our mission to focus on products and techniques that will promote a higher level of efficiency and productivity enabling our nation’s hospitals to deliver quality healthcare to all. Historically there are many know challenges that center on the logistical aspects to performing surgery. Many of these known challenges are focused around the decontamination, inspection and re-assembly process of the reusable devices used in surgery. RMS has identified this as a cost saving area for most of our nation’s hospitals utilizing our patent pending products/method.

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