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Regator is a family of products focused on high-quality, editorially-curated online content. Founded in November 2007 and launched publicly in August 2008, Regator is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Its products are: Curated by human editors, this popular blog directory features well-written blogs on over 500 topics as well as trends, monitoring, and more.

Regator Lite and Regator Premium for iPhone: These apps provide tools for reading, finding, and sharing quality blog content on the go.

Regator Platform: This API gives developers access to Regator's semantic algorithms, trends data, and automated data-enrichment services.

Regator Breaking News: This service for journalists and bloggers provides the latest breaking stories in real-time.

Regator Widgets: These free widgets allow bloggers to display Regator trends, searches, or posts on their websites.

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  • World Headquarters

    Atlanta, GA


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