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reddit is a platform for online communities to submit links, create content, and have discussions about whatever topic that interests them.
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reddit is a platform for online communities to submit links, create content, and have discussions about whatever topic that interests them. Users can post links to content on the web and then the other users can vote the posted links up or down, causing them to appear more or less prominently on the site’s home page.

The site has discussion areas where users can discuss the posted links, and vote for or against others’ comments. When there are enough votes against a given comment, it will not be displayed by default, although a reader can display it through a link or preference. Users who submit articles which other users like and subsequently "vote up" receive "karma", points which a user receives as a reward for submitting interesting articles.

The posts on the site are classified under topics such as random, gadgets, sports, gaming, pics, videos, music, funny, movies, books, history, food, philosophy, television, jokes, art, and more.

reddit also includes several topical sections called subreddits, which focuses on specific topics, including programming, science, and politics.

reddit was launched in 2005 and is operated from San Francisco, California. It was acquired by Condé Nast in 2006.

Funding Rounds (2) - $50.1M

DateAmount / RoundValuationLead InvestorInvestors
Sep, 2014$50M / Series B17
Jun, 2005$100k / Seed1

Acquisitions (2)

Oct 16, 2014Unknown
Aug 23, 2011Unknown

Investments (1)

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Apr, 2014$40M / Series A

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  • "Ask Me Anything" interviews
  • A social networking service and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links
  • The people & ideas behind the stories that hit our frontpages across the reddit network.

Competitors (11)

  • Boxnutt provides an online platform that allows users to discover and share trending topics on the web.
  • Digg Inc. operates a website that enables its users to find, read, and share the most interesting and talked about stories on the internet.
  • eVIPlist is Digg for African-Americans. eVIPlist is a user driven social content media website. Everything on eVIPlist.com is
  • iOS and Android Apps that recommend interesting content everyday based on your interests and friends
  • Social Bookmarking and Recommendation
  • An interest-based social network and curated news site for meeting like-minded people and discovering great interest specific content
  • Newsvine, a community-driven news website, provides content from mainstream sources and enables members to publish articles and interact.
  • Popularo is a user driven social news aggregation website launched in February 2008. It is based on the theory that a user should vote for

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  • Headquarters

    520 3rd St

    San Francisco, CA 94107


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