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$48.5 Thousand on September 23, 2013 / Undisclosed Round
Toronto, ON
Connecting the 45% of students NOT going to college to meaningful careers & companies who will hire them.
Scott Walkinshaw, Ryan Porter
Human Resources, Recruiting, Social Recruiting, Education

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February 11, 2011
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45% of students do not go to college when they finish high school. Instead they join the workforce unprepared for work, unaware of the options and uninspired for what's to come.

Raise Your Flag connects these students with entry-level career paths that don't require a degree and the companies who are interested in hiring them.

When a young career-seeker uses Raise Your Flag, they connect with companies that they believe have a bright future, with a clear line of promotion. They are able to see requirements for the entry point or promotions and if they don't have those requirements, they can use Raise Your Flag to obtain those non-degree requirements.

It's simple, if young, millennial employees see a future with the company they work for (or apply for) they stay longer. If those employees stay longer, they save companies A TON of money. On Raise Your Flag, companies promote the available career paths, open positions, employee success stories and promotion opportunities within their company.

Raise Your Flag users come from high schools, employment agencies and organically through discovery + search.

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