RADIOactive South East Asia develops mobile and web streaming applications and services for radio stations and smartphones.
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We specialize in building mobile and web streaming applications and services for radio stations across South-East Asia. After 2.5 years in business, we pushed over 50 apps downloaded 5 millions times across all smartphone platforms (iOS, BB, Android+Tablets).

Mobile apps being the tip of the iceberg, the biggest part of our expertise relies on the backend for content management, advertising management and stats. We provide feedback to 60+ radio stations across the region (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan), about their online+mobile listenership (Concurrents, # of streams played, how long they listen to , what they listen to, # of ads delivered/clicked, etc.): So far streaming 35+Millions streams serverd/1000+ years of music every month.

We developped private APIs to serve all the content from song information, real time music charts, voting system and our own advertising layer (video/audio/rich-media pre-rolls, native reskinning of any asset in-app (1st in the world)) and now paymentless couponing (reserve+redeem). This is now serving 8 billions API requests / month.

Lately we've been hard at work on AuDRi: social jukebox for shops (starbucks, mcdonalds, etc.) providing a way for patrons to take control of the music in the store while providing the stores with detailed analytics and profiling of their foot traffic using the music as a hook (coupled with social graph, couponing, contesting, surveys engine and gamification mechanics that we built also).

We are getting a name for ourselves in Asia but very hard to cross borders and get noticed in the US. Already managing the biggest networks in the region our next step to grow is to go to the US and Chinese market. We are already in talk with chinese radio stations to launch our services over there (provided we can overcome the technical hurdles without giving away the keys to our business), so we are left with finding a way to the US market.

Also, we are looking for commercial partners to develop the AuDRi project and eventual funding (depending on partners contribution).

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  • Singapore Office

    No 81, Ubi Avenue 4, #08-30, UB.One

    Singapore, 408830