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June, 2007
New York, NY
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Primospot is a map-based web application that delivers services related to vehicle parking in urban areas.



Primospot helps navigate the confusing world of urban parking, to quickly find the best place to park.

The service is unique in that it covers on-street free and metered parking, as well as commercial garages and even bike racks. In addition to parking locations, Primospot also knows the rules and regulations, holiday and seasonal changes, and is able to calculate in real-time how long a car can remain legally parked.

The innovative free map-based web application lets drivers quickly locate "best-bet" parking opportunities at a glance. In Q1 2009, the company launched a low-cost iPhone application which provides the same information in a native mobile app. Other mobile platforms are planned.

The service allows drivers to save time and gas by navigating directly to on-street parking that is legally available, while taking the guesswork out of confusing signs and parking rules. In addition to... See More

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