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December, 2011
Rohin Dhar, Omar Bohsali
San Francisco, CA
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Priceonomics is a price guide that helps companies gather data from the web.



Priceonomics is the price guide for everything.

Price guides are helpful for buying and selling used things. How much should I spend on this used bicycle on Craigslist? How much should I sell my stereo system for on eBay? Is this used Vespa a good deal, or what?

Hate getting ripped off or over-paying for stuff? At Priceonomics, we build price estimates so you can buy or sell with confidence. We research past transactions on the web to determine how much people have sold their items for. By looking at the price on past transactions, we build great estimates to help you get the most value for the best price.

Today, we provide price estimates for used bicycles, motorcycles, cars and boats. Soon we're expanding to TVs, computers, electronics, phones, baby strollers, and anything you might want to buy or sell on Craigslist, eBay, or in the real world, but have no idea how much it's worth.

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Funding Rounds (3) - $1.70M


Investors (28)

  • 53204721d16c944526ae033cd8cb17c2

    Y Combinator

    Y Combinator is a seed accelerator that provides financing services and business consulting to..
  • 97bf3357666150b2de8702eef5fa71c7


    CrunchFund is an early stage venture capital firm founded by Michael Arrington, Patrick Gallagher,..
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    Crosslink Capital

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    Spark Capital

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    SV Angel

    SV Angel is the micro VC firm located in Silicon Valley and founded by angel investors, Ron Conway..
  • 19e648941745d50d998bd5a42cfc5541

    Sam Altman

    Co-Founder/CEO @ Loopt
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    ACE & Company

    ACE & Company Development Group Ltd., is a diversified investment group specialized in direct..
  • 8a370f3799f0a49a189084668e9f3294

    Blazer Ventures

    Blazer Ventures is an early stage investment firm managed by Michael Wolf.

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    San Francisco, CA


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    Interactive, KBB, Edmunds

    Interactive, KBB, Edmunds was added to CrunchBase in 2010
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