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$143.1 Thousand in 2 Rounds from 2 Investors
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$123.2 Thousand Angel on June 1, 2012
Postcron is an online service that enables users to schedule Facebook and Twitter posts for specific dates and times.
Alejandro Rigatuso
Twitter Applications, Productivity Software, Web Development, Sales and Marketing, Facebook Applications, Social Media

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Postcron is an easy way to schedule facebook posts and tweets.

It works this way:

1. The user selects the Facebook or Twitter accounts to use. 2. He writes the message, including photos or links. 3. He specifies date and time for each post.

For intensive social media users, Postcron has an "Autoschedule" option. Instead of manually specifying the date and time of each Post, they press a button to send the post to a queue of posts that are going to be published at the most effective times.

Postcron is used by small social media agencies, independent community managers, bloggers, proffessionals and busy small business owners.

For example, small social media agencies uses Postcron to publish posts outside working hours and during weekends, or early in the morning. It's a productivity tool for them because it allows them to work on another things, without interruption their work just to publish a post on Facebook or Twitter.

Small business owners, uses Postcron to increase their brand presence and to be on the top of mind of their customers.

Designers, use Postcron to share their designs to reach more customers through the networks of their friends, fans or followers on Facebook and Twitter.

It's a time and energy saver for everyone who wants to build a presence on Facebook and Twitter without the hassle of complex dashboards!

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