A simpler weather service.
Kuan Huang, Paul Murphy
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April, 2013
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Poncho explains the weather in plain, clear English — just like weather forecasters used to do. But, this time, it’s personal, local and timely.

Instead of providing you with more data and visualizations to interpret, it gets to know you — when you wake up, how you commute to work, if you have pets to walk — and then gives you personalized advice. There’s no app to install or update, no graphs to interpret. Poncho will tell you just what you need to know to get your day started, and nothing more.

Poncho is initially launching in New York City. If New Yorkers like the concept as much as we hope they will, we’ll start rolling out to additional cities in the coming weeks.

Poncho is built by Betaworks. We want to make weather forecast not only accurate but also personal.

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