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Poll Authority is an online service specializing in advanced poll widgets and video poll widgets for websites, blogs, social networking sites, and personal pages. Polls can created literally in seconds through a robust and easy to follow interface that requires no knowledge of HTML, no complicated coding, and no messy installations.

Poll Authority's unique service is designed for both novices and professionals and gives users an outstanding array of advanced features. With full customization options available, users can style their poll to match the unique look and feel of their own website. For those who are looking for a quicker solution, they can choose one of several pre-existing themes or simply let the Poll Authority system create one through the random theme generator. To enhance the user voting experience, YouTube videos can be added to any poll to allow voters to witness the event their voting on. Other features include the ability to block users by cookie or IP, real-time reports for vote analysis, polls public for increased website traffic, poll queues, and much more.

Poll Authority was purchased by Springthrough, Inc. in February 2010

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